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개인정보 처리방침(영문)

※ General rules


1. Brills Co., Ltd. complies with the personal information protection regulations under the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection" and the "Personal Information Protection Guidelines" and "Standards for Technical/Administrative Protection of Personal Information" established by the Ministry of Information and Communication are doing In addition, Brills Co., Ltd. declares that it will do its best to protect the personal information of its members by enacting the "Personal Information Protection Policy".

2. Brill's "Personal Information Protection Policy" may change due to changes in related laws and government guidelines and Brill's internal policy. If Brill's "Privacy Policy" is changed, the change will be posted on the notice on the Brill's homepage for at least 7 days.


※ Privacy

Brills Co., Ltd. has prepared a procedure for you to click the "I agree" button or "I do not agree" button for the contents of the Terms of Use of Brills Co., Ltd., and if you click the "I agree" button, You agree to the collection of information. In addition, if you click the “I Agree” button, the items other than “Password” and “Resident Registration Number” among the personal information collection items below are agreed to be provided to subcontractors by Brills Co., Ltd. to perform the service. considered to be


1. The scope of "personal information" is "information about a living individual" according to the contents stipulated in the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. information that can identify a person (including information that can be easily combined with other information even if the information alone cannot identify a specific individual)".

2. Brills Co., Ltd. collects and uses personal information of members for user identification, payment, owner verification of service used, customized service for individual member, and other additional services. The specific purpose of collection and use according to the items of personal information collected are as follows.

- Name, ID, password, resident registration number/business registration number: Used for identity verification process according to membership service use, - Confirmation of the owner of the service used

- E-mail address, phone number, fax number: smooth communication for obtaining essential information according to domain management regulations, delivering notices, handling complaints, etc.

- Securing routes, providing information on new services, new products, and events

- Bank information, credit card information: Use of paid information and payment for purchases

-Address: Provides domain information inquiry, checks the exact delivery address for invoices and delivery of shopping mall items

Cookies (ID): Through cookie operation, visitors' IDs are automatically analyzed and differentiated price benefits are applied for each level.

Customers can go through confirmation every time a cookie is saved by setting options in their web browser, or refuse to save all cookies. However, if you refuse to save cookies, the use of web services may be restricted.

3. Brills Co., Ltd. does not entrust management of members' personal information.

4. We do not request sensitive personal information (race and ethnicity, ideology and creed, place of birth and domicile, political orientation and criminal record, health status and sexual life, etc.) that may violate the user's basic human rights.

5. The retention period of personal information is "from the moment a member joins Brill's Co., Ltd. to the moment of application for cancellation". The member DB of Brill's Co., Ltd. is designed to delete the personal information of the applicant for withdrawal immediately upon withdrawal.

However, even if the purpose of collection and provision has been achieved, if there is a need to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of the law, the customer's personal information may be retained.

- Records on contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years

- Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years

- Records on consumer complaints or dispute handling: 3 years, etc.


※ Provision of information to third parties

1. Brills Co., Ltd. does not provide members' personal information to others or other companies or organizations without permission.

However, the following cases are excluded.

- In case information of the applicant is provided to the registrar of the relevant domain for domain name registration - In case it is provided for WHOIS service for domain name

- In the case of a request from a national agency or consumer groups designated by the government in accordance with related laws such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

- When a dispute resolution body or a court requests the contact information of a domain registrant involved in a dispute

- If there is an investigative purpose for a crime or there is a request from a legal organization such as the Information Communication Ethics Committee and the Korea Information Security Agency

- When using member information (name, address, phone number) for business contact

- If it is provided in a form that cannot be identified as a specific customer as necessary for statistical writing, promotional materials, academic research, or market research

- When a member applies for Brill's service, Brill's provides the member's password, order information that does not include resident registration number, address information, If you provide your contact information, etc.


2. Brill's Co., Ltd. will always seek the consent of individual members in advance when providing members' personal information to affiliates or sharing it with affiliates in order to provide more diverse services. Where the affiliate is located, what personal information items are provided or shared, why such personal information should be shared, and how long and how it is protected and managed are notified individually via e-mail and go through the process of seeking consent. If you do not agree, it will not be provided to or shared with affiliates.


※ Technical measures for personal information protection

Brills Co., Ltd. is preparing the following technical measures to prevent loss, theft, leakage, alteration or damage of members' personal information.

1. Personal information of each member is protected by password, and personal information data is protected through a separate security function.

2. For each member's password, password creation rules are established and implemented so that users and personal information handlers do not use easy-to-guess numbers such as birthdays, resident registration numbers, and phone numbers as passwords.

3. Brills Co., Ltd. prevents damage caused by computer viruses by using anti-virus programs and malware defense software, and the software is regularly updated every day.

4. Brills Co., Ltd. uses expensive routers and L3 switch devices equipped with intrusion prevention and intrusion detection functions to double protect personal information on the network.

5. Brills also operates a triple personal information protection system by establishing a separate intrusion prevention system (Firewall).

6. Brills Co., Ltd. encrypts and stores personal information in the personal information protection system, and operates a system to encrypt and store personal information when transmitting it outside of Brills Co., Ltd.'s information and communication network or storing it on a PC.


※ Opinion collection and complaint handling

Among Brill's members, if you have any complaints regarding Brill's personal information protection, please give your opinion to the person in charge of personal information management, and we will take action immediately upon receipt and notify you of the processing result.

In the case of unauthorized leakage of personal information or other serious infringement of personal information, the personal information infringement reporting center installed and operated by the government (http://www.cyberpr,, telephone You may also file a complaint or arbitration at 02-1336,).


※ Establishment and implementation of personal information management plan

Brills Co., Ltd. will comply with the following matters by preparing a separate computer management regulation in the company regulations.

1. Matters concerning the composition and operation of personal information protection rules, such as designation of personal information manager

2. Matters concerning the education of personal information handlers

3. Maintenance of personal information processing system access records and regular check supervision

4. Protection measures when printing and copying personal information

5. Matters necessary for the protection of other personal information


※ About transmission of advertising information

1. Brills Co., Ltd. may freely send e-mails to its members about information on services provided by Brills Co., Ltd. and notices on services provided by Brills Co., Ltd.

2. Brills Co., Ltd. may transmit advertising information to members. However, in this case, the phrase (advertisement) is displayed so that members can easily identify that it is advertising information, and advertising information will not be sent to members who have expressed their intention to refuse receiving.